Custom Club Fittings

There is a perception among many golfers that they must achieve a level of proficiency at golf to see the benefit of getting measured or custom fit for golf clubs. The problem with this perception is that using clubs that are not suited to your physical characteristics can negatively influence your swing and lead you to form bad habits. Sometimes people have a bad first couple of experiences with golf and they are discouraged from the sport before they really get started. Learning to play golf with the wrong clubs is comparable to learning to ride a bicycle on a bike that is way too small, or too big. Not only does poorly fit equipment lead you to poor swing development, but it also makes the game more frustrating, often times deterring people from continuing with the game. Having appropriate golf equipment is key to your enjoyment and development as a golfer.  We develop our swings around the equipment we use, many times without realizing it or knowing if it is the right size or weight.

Advancing on an enjoyable path with your golf journey has two components:

1.Find someone you are comfortable working with that can communicate and teach you the fundamentals of playing golf.

2. Find someone that can help you evaluate your equipment needs. Someone that can help you locate that correct equipment for your budget and your swing.

The application of technology in club fitting is now accessible to the masses. What used to be reserved for tour professionals, demo day attendees or the very affluent can now be found at the growing number of golf simulator studios or through more affordable home launch monitors. Access to swing metrics and golf shot data is beneficial. Having a skilled professional to help you apply the data to optimize your swing and equipment is exponentially more beneficial. Without skilled guidance to match swing characteristics to proper equipment many golfers remain encumbered by equipment that can be detrimental to their swing and game. Find a professional that is a skilled teacher and experienced club fitter, one with modern technology that can fit you for the equipment that will benefit your game. This is the road map to playing better and enjoying golf.

SimGolf is a PGA Professional owned and operated facility. SimGolf offers top of the line technology in Uneekor Eye XO sensors and Uneekor Refine software. PGA Professional Scott Warren is a Quarter Century PGA member with over 25 years of experience teaching golf and fitting golf equipment. If you are looking for professionally fit equipment or the keys to making better golf swings come to SimGolf and let Scott help you play your best golf.

SimGolf does custom club fitting for Ping, Titleist and Callaway equipment. If you are interested in scheduling a custom club fitting appointment or would like more information please email or call 518-212-6021.

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