Make sure you stay on good terms with your equipment over the winter.
Let’s start with the basics:
  •  Don’t lose your clubs! It happens , put them in a safe spot that you will remember. No reason to turn down the opportunity to play on short notice because you can’t locate your equipment.
  • Clean your clubs before you put them away for the winter. Warm soapy water, a brush and a towel is all you need for an end of season cleanup. Give your clubs a good scrubbing, get the dried grass and soil out of the grooves and then dry them off.
  • Evaluate the condition of your grips. If it is time to get new grips, take care of that sooner rather than later.
  • Clean out your golf bag and take an inventory of your supplies. Gloves, golf balls, tees, ball markers, towels, GPS or distance measuring devices. Now is a good time to drop hints on golf stocking stuffers for friends and family to focus on for you. Even little things like batteries for your rangefinder are useful!
  • Assess the condition of your golf shoes and golf bag. If they have seen their better days you can look for deals before spring rolls around.